RICH Hacker explains why Valve never BAN him... (CS:GO)

2. Svi 2021.
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Today I interviewed someone who has been cheating for a very long time, and getting away with it. We discuss why he gets away with it, and what can be done about the state of CS:GO cheating in 2021.
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  • Lol thats me [Never said that i am rich, many people misunderstand what i say and sparkles say.]

    wønderwønderPrije 8 dana
    • low life

      666camel666666camel666Prije 3 sati
    • moin alde stute

      W1ss3lW1ss3lPrije 8 sati
    • @wønder hey,i just gotta say i found your steam profile,dont worry i will not share it,but i dont understand why you keep your inventory private?Is that a thing if it is private,i mean if someone sees somebody with knife they will most likely not report.Also here is story how i found rich cheater,he had huntsman ultraviolet and usp kill comfirmed,never got banned....also if you dont belive i have your steam feel free to ask me to share your profile link somewhere :D

      Bojan JeremicBojan JeremicPrije 17 sati
    • is there any cheat shows you what you will get before opening a Case :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

      zytlazytlaPrije dan
    • fuck you cheater, and fuck your community

      Ted BurwickTed BurwickPrije dan
  • You complaining about cheating? At least they are human. On TF2 Casual Matchmaking is infested with bots with literally perfect aim. Lul

    HappyMainCarlHappyMainCarlPrije 3 sati
  • Surely anyone can recognize what he's using

    MoJoMoJoPrije 3 sati
  • Classic VAC. I get ban for nothing, yet this mister doesn't get ban.

    orbylporbylpPrije 4 sati
  • when the game runs on your hardware, you can always tweak how it is running... so there may be no way to ever stop cheating

    1root1rootPrije 4 sati
  • His accent sound so exotic to me

    i love foodi love foodPrije 4 sati
  • there is no way to beat the cheaters but im sure there is a way to reduce the amount of cheaters you meet. first i would get rid of trust factor. i feel like trust factor is shit because it can put non-cheaters in cheater lobbies permanently. second i would get faceit anticheat or something similar to be used. its not perfect clearly but in my experience ive had maybe 1 or 2 cheaters on faceit over the hundreds of games ive played. third i would somehow incentivize people to develop solutions against the cheats. just like how there are people that develop cheats because they like it, and do it for money, im sure there are people that would want the role of making sure the cheats stop working or are detected, and would do that for money. it will always be a rat race, but the least valve could do is make the cheating experience unenjoyable by making the cheat's main features somehow unusable, even if it will be fixed by the cheat devs in a few days, or make it so that the cheat is detected more frequently. instead of these huge banwaves, they should do smaller, more constant banwaves. if enough cheaters think "cheating is not fun anymore, we get banned too easily, or the cheat stops working", then maybe there will be less people paying their cheating subscriptions, and less cheating services around, and overall less cheaters in the game.

    DJ StaRyuDJ StaRyuPrije 5 sati

    AikunTvAikunTvPrije 7 sati
  • ayo can i get invite to skeet pls how did u get in

    allaquanallaquanPrije 8 sati
  • I think, never mind if u dont cheat. U know Omar and his account

    AstaAstaPrije 8 sati
  • for 1000e i sell my account with 10 year badge and strong trust factor and a lot of games like: pubg, dota, valheim, gta v ... i hope a cheater will reach me :)

    b22b22Prije 10 sati
  • Bro he sounded so German idk why but the pronunciation was so German at all maybe I'm wrong but as a German by myself I think so xD

    TheRis3LpTheRis3LpPrije 11 sati
  • Yes, I know.

    Gelber EberGelber EberPrije 11 sati
  • had to be a german xD

    HENK pipoHENK pipoPrije 12 sati
  • lol - "Destroying the community" says the guy who destroys the CS community ....

    Jay BirdJay BirdPrije 12 sati
  • valve pls fix

    Dominik IbeleDominik IbelePrije 13 sati
  • Update vac

    Markus MeierMarkus MeierPrije 13 sati
  • Lmao what a fuckin loser

    Balake BeatsBalake BeatsPrije 15 sati
  • VVS P100

    cwatrox.cwatrox.Prije 15 sati
  • Cheating scenario will never go away as long as they're buying accounts and skins.

    Kartikey SinghKartikey SinghPrije 16 sati
  • Why is it always the weird people that cheat

    Aitch BAitch BPrije 17 sati
  • Bymas cheats.

    ZorkkiZorkkiPrije 17 sati
  • thats some next level cheat :O daamn

    Baggistrumpz Dreaded GamerBaggistrumpz Dreaded GamerPrije 17 sati
  • Cheater calling other cheaters bad, news flash, you are all bad,just quit life

    DaftDaftPrije 17 sati
  • i cheat cuz they cheat, weak humans

    DaftDaftPrije 18 sati
  • Cheating scene ? You mean the garbage human beings scene ?

    DaftDaftPrije 18 sati
  • human trash

    Andrija StojanovicAndrija StojanovicPrije 18 sati
  • love it, a great demonstration to the 'Cleans' that you are RARE we are rare Cleans are turning pandemic in the gaming industry started years ago

    Federigo de la zionFederigo de la zionPrije 19 sati
  • this makes me never want to play csgo ever again

    SkyStoneSkyStonePrije 21 sat
  • the mac miller sweat

    Les Grands JoesLes Grands JoesPrije 22 sati
  • Interesting video. I'd tell the guy what I say when people are cheating in my games but that'd probably get my YT account banned. I like the fact that you're willing to help make a video like this but I have 0 respect for people like you. You hold 0 integrity.

    MsYar2000MsYar2000Prije 23 sati
  • This guy is like me showing my mom what HRex is

    AimHeaderAimHeaderPrije dan
  • "Because they get the money from the cheaters" The current state of call of duty and especially warzone in a single sentence.

    koinzell Sankoinzell SanPrije dan
  • is there any cheat shows you what you will get before opening a Case :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    zytlazytlaPrije dan
  • take example in rainbow six siege maybe

    StormraiderStormraiderPrije dan
  • Ty you so much my dude , just played a random hacker from UK and is trash/carried friends that told me because of this video they are not afraid of hacking anymore .... GENIUS MOVE MY GUY

    Sortaf NSASortaf NSAPrije dan
  • "I'm from Germany", yet he sounds like Abdullah to me "his own FoRrrrrrRRRummMMMM"

    Andre HpunktAndre HpunktPrije dan
    • Probably an immigrant that grow up in Germany

      i love foodi love foodPrije 4 sati
    • I wanted to comment the same thing. He's probably from Berlin

      RizzehRizzehPrije 15 sati
  • Cheaters? Chicken update!

    JasmineJasminePrije dan
  • i cheat beacause others cheats too....... ok you are fking trash

    Alex BBlifeAlex BBlifePrije dan
  • 2:40 well, so much for the censor

    AlkanAlkanPrije dan
  • Bro that censoring was horrible

    Euronjuusto999Euronjuusto999Prije dan
  • he censored the cheat name when they say it, but it has watermark just like other pub cheats on player HUD smh

    NRC-GamingNRC-GamingPrije dan
  • tbh i Think Valve is making cheats that people are stupid enought to buy them :)

    Smile `ySmile `yPrije dan
  • at 3:54 he wrote in the subtitles that the cheater was using torrente but bleeped it out lmao

    FeerexFeerexPrije dan
  • Recently i was practicing a lot on aim maps and i got a lot better. When i entered MM enemy team tought i was cheating and started cheating against me ;/ How can i be motivated to be good?

    GieldowakGieldowakPrije dan
  • Okay he's only cheating when the enemy is cheating i can totally understand that

    Vino RaiderVino RaiderPrije dan
  • really is sad how easy it is to cheat. pretty much anyone could download a legit cheat for free and anyone with basic coding experience could make a cheat in 2 days.

    random jackrandom jackPrije dan
  • This game is broken.

    G4meMyT1me /G4meMyT1me /Prije dan
  • Lol this guy really thinks he can do something about cheating. No one can Valve, Ubisoft, Battleye ….. They only ban those who are using public cheats. Most websites like Iwantcheats…… write private cheats eventho they are available for everyone on the internet. For example, Battleye, VAC and Vanguard are using some standard easy anti cheats preventing technology. The real ban waves comes when they buy and reverse engineer those cheats, banning everyone who had the cheat provider Software on his machine. The day we will stop cheaters, is the day when you will stop using Windows for gaming and move to a OS which has been built to counter cheaters

    Khaled AlfarkhKhaled AlfarkhPrije dan
  • Bullshit. Skeet got detected in the past as well, Valve just abandoned csgo now and nothing gets detected anymore.

    LaraC9LaraC9Prije dan
  • the cheat is called gamesense/skeet hvh community hella toxic it costs around 400$ to get in and u might get scammed buying the invite

    il signioreil signiorePrije dan
  • I got overwatch ban cause iam poor :) /i was legit faceit 10lvl player even joined few open qualifiers/ Overwatch system is pure shit

    Pain YTPain YTPrije dan
  • How about just getting good in the game, nothing beats the feeling winning close legit game.

    LegittiLegittiPrije dan
  • Dope Mac shirt

    Angelo RodriguezAngelo RodriguezPrije dan
  • this just makes me want to stop playing lol they gonna kill the whole community

    Blump KingBlump KingPrije dan
  • Good game ruined by lazy shit devs who dont care about the competitive integrity and shitty cunts who want to cheat

    MD M8MD M8Prije dan
  • They can stop cheats.. Problem is the game engine allows for modifications like this

    øyvind Skarstenøyvind SkarstenPrije dan
  • und natürlich kommt das Opfer aus Deutschland so cringe

    lindenlindenPrije dan
  • csgo got shat on a long time ago. dont play csgo.

    Mert TarıMert TarıPrije dan
  • The accent doesnt sound German related at all!

    maximus von lotschmaximus von lotschPrije dan
  • cheaters are unskilled, poor emotionally unstable little kids !!

    Muffin Man HPMuffin Man HPPrije dan
  • Wauw, this is deep and waaaaayyyyy more advanced than i thought. Actually way more advanced than the game itself, no?

    RobbyRobbyPrije dan
  • what a scumbag, the excuse its pathetic...100% german

    Wurde zu diesem Account gezwungenWurde zu diesem Account gezwungenPrije dan
  • the hair on his mic ..............................................

    MajthoubMajthoubPrije dan
  • What a moron

    jules janinjules janinPrije dan
  • Skeet Skeet number 1 cheat

    akariakariPrije dan
  • Skeet skeet number 1# cheat?

    Violent ?Violent ?Prije dan
  • Cheater = unsuccessful

    Adrián SantacreuAdrián SantacreuPrije dan
  • Cheaters should be taken behind the Sauna and bury there

    RH ÜÜRH ÜÜPrije dan
  • Hello Sparkles! As much as I respect you and watch with fascination all your videos. I would like to ask you, what is the point of these videos? If you report these people after the interview ( by informing them or not) then it is fine, but if not, this is totally unfair for the community. Do we go around and do interviews with real life criminals ( note: Criminals range from Petty thieves to Hardcore serial killers and cheaters are criminals as well)? No, we don't. As a good samaritan, the most we could do is to report the incident and need not worry about it. Ending it right here, folks if you see a hacker, don't sympathise with him and/or try to understand why he does it, that's not our job.

    Sameer VatsSameer VatsPrije dan
  • love how poeple saying oh ¨didnt expected skeet user¨ its gamesense guys lol

    Sarah_Sarah_Prije dan
  • It’s mainly trust factor stupid. Just because I had like 250ish with MG i I got hackusated practically every game and I would just end up with cheaters and mainly people who have blatant wall hacks for some reason. They’d be prefiring when id fake jiggle peak and even start getting headshottrd through walls and smoke randomly every game

    ishyBishyBPrije dan
  • skeet skeet number one cheat

    hustlerrhustlerrPrije dan
  • I've seen someone that has over 30 accounts, cheats on almost all of them, and hasn't gotten banned, when the accounts have been used for over a year in most cases, and been cheated on for over a year, even spun on some of them on occasion. Valve's anti cheats are a joke. Like the guy said, Valve enjoys the money from the cheating community too much to really care about it. When/if they ever get banned, they make new accounts, buy new skins, and CSGO/Valve get more money. They literally couldn't care less.

    Eric NarEric NarPrije dan
  • Love to see these types of videos! Props to the guy for letting this viedeo happen. Sparkles I didn't like your censoring, namely: -Using imperfect censoring (low pixels is not good enough imo; full black or not secure.) -Not considering length (3:34, skeet is predicted by the short length of the word, and also from lip readers. Censor your mouth next time) -Not censoring (9:55, we know the cheat has an icon named 'gamesense', and you didn't censor the other cheaters, which is bad of you because seeing as how the hack is private, it would be seen that wonder has (indirectly) ratted out those two cheaters). One thing I'd love for csgo, is not necessarily to get rid of cheaters (though that'd be amazing,) but more-so to know for sure who is and isn't cheating, same goes for smurfing, metagaming, etc). Because as silver, I notice silver is at least 10x harder than gold. Probably because silver is full of cheating scum and smurf fuck bags. Though I can't confirm that, sadly.

    bob bobbob bobPrije dan
  • war ja so klar dass es ein deutscher ist ....

    ademademPrije dan
  • In my 2700 hours actual game play, I’ve encountered for sure 50% cheaters. On Faceit 3-4-5 games in row against cheater. But nahh, I’m just having a bad they. They’re all S1mples

    Abdulah OsmanbegovicAbdulah OsmanbegovicPrije dan
  • This is the reason csgo is dying. Like if you want genuine experience you need third-party site like faceit or ESEA and thats not good thing. when newcomer downloads csgo and if he wants somewhat good experience then how the heck he would know about esea or faceit to get that good experience. Not like normal MM comp. Where obvious ragetogglers can play for almost who knows how long before they get VAC. Like how bad anti-cheat can be if it cant tell difference of spinbot and normal person.......

    AreilcaAreilcaPrije dan
  • schmutz!

    Triple Screen GameplayTriple Screen GameplayPrije dan
  • Voll der Deutsche :D KACKNAP!

    unknownsonunknownsonPrije dan
  • true, non prime has less cheaters now LMFAO

    kyotokyotoPrije dan
  • i fucking hate to play against/with cheaters. even when my team wins, because we have a cheater on our team and i need a win to get an uprank or not getting a downrank, i will leave immediately.

    SilentSwords7444SilentSwords7444Prije dan
  • A cheater with an honor code, what the fuck

    Mapuia PachuauMapuia PachuauPrije dan
  • Interview the whole Gambit Players next. Oooopsss? Sorry not sorry...

    NJ ZeeNJ ZeePrije dan
  • I'm cheating against cheaters is most cheater thing I have heard from cheaters.

    zaerozaeroPrije dan
  • why i stoped playing csgo a year ago this is the reason , i would play it 24/7 if i get matched against legit players.

    zaerozaeroPrije dan
  • i have lem and literally i can't get global by playing legit with 2 friends its kinda sad

    UnlockoUnlockoPrije dan
  • Eurotruck for me.

    LKP DesignLKP DesignPrije dan
  • I stopped playing CS in 1.6 because back then these 12yr old kids were playing with cheats loaded in but turned off, and as soon as you head tapped them few times they just "rage cheated". looks like they have grown up and made a business out of it.

    ATIATIPrije dan
  • He is using gamesense cheats... :P You can easily find it on google, but hard to access. (Skeet/Gamesense) is the name.

    NikoNikoPrije dan
  • skeet skeet no.1 cheat

    TheProGamingTheProGamingPrije dan
  • give this video some fame

    Hitesh GaviniHitesh GaviniPrije dan
  • whats the point of playing if you are cheating, its just sad and dont tell me you need skill to cheat, because you need more skill to play by the rules, ppl that cheat and give excuses to cheat dont evolve because they have excuses for everything.. and they are proud of their success cheating witch is the worst part, i feel pity for ppl like this because they are limited

    Emanuel PintoEmanuel PintoPrije 2 dana